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Sound Triggered Tutorial

What is Sound Triggered?

Trigger your camera shutter at a desired sound level. This method usually used for high-speed photography such as clinking of glasses, broken glasses and exploding balloon.

Final Image Example:

Exploding Balloon 玖柏图

Clinking Glass 玖柏图

Tips on Shooting Sound Triggered:

STEP 1: Set the scene

  1. Camera and tripod
  2. Flash and standing light
  3. CamBuddy Pro and Joopic App - Sound Triggered Mode
  4. Shooting subject (ex: balloon), dye and water. Thread and something from which to suspend the balloon
  5. A sharp object to pierce the balloon skin, example: a needle
  6. A large pool or bowl to collect the splash
  7. Plastic bags to prevent your equipment from water splash Settings

STEP 2: Set up your camera parameters

Set your camera ISO, EV, Shutter speed, etc. It comes faster with more experience.

STEP 3: Set your Flash/Lighting

Position your flash or lighting stand.

STEP 4: Set up your CamBuddy Pro

Set up your CamBuddy Pro to the sound triggered function

How to start

  1. Camera mode: Manual. Parameters Adjustment (ISO, Exposure, White Balance, etc)
  2. Shooting mode: Sound Triggered
  3. Set the shooting Options
  4. After all is set, press “Start” to start shooting

Note: When triggering Live View will be turned off automatically.


  1. Environmental Sound (%): the higher the surrounding sound the less chance for sound triggered to work properly. So it is best to keep this percentage low.
  2. Trigger Degree: You can adjust the triggering degree from easy to trigger to hard to trigger. Easy to trigger: slight sound will trigger the camera. Hard to trigger: louder sound will trigger the camera
  3. Triggering Scheme: You can set your triggering scheme to Shutter/Flash/Radio Signal.

STEP 5: Waterproof measurements

Water + electronic equipment = potential disaster. A bursting water balloon will soak your kit. Protect anything in splash range with plastic bags.

STEP 6: Final Testing

Is the sound triggered working? Is the flash awake? Make a loud noise, such as a shout or clapping your hand. The camera shutter should fire. See the results and test until you are happy.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the type of photographic subject for sound triggered mode?

Anwers: At present, the "sound trigger" mode is to shoot creative photography such as balloon, glass or any explosion also commercial photography such as collision of glass.

Can outdoor environment be used in this "sound trigger" mode?

Answers: The outdoor environment is relatively noisy, especially in the street traffic between the more environment, the surrounding noise value will affect the sound triggered mode. The limit for it is around 70-80 dB, therefore we recommend users to try to find relatively low noise environment to implement this feature.

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