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HDR Tutorial

What is HDR?

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a post processing task that requires you to take either one or series of images, combine and adjust its contrast ratio to create an image that are virtually impossible with a single aperture/shutter speed.

A common HDR image usually took three photos of the same scene with different Exposure Value. The results show bright, normal and dark photo based on the amount of light that got through your lens. A post processing software will then combine all photos to bring the details to the shadows and highlights both. HDR help us to achieve the same task in the final photography that our human eye can accomplish on the scene.

Final Image Example:

HDR Image

Tips on Shooting HDR

  1. You will need a good DSLR Camera
  2. Sturdy Tripod
  3. CamBuddy Pro - Joopic App (HDR Function)
  4. Adobe Photoshop or some other image-editing tool
  5. Watch out for wind – too much of it will move bushes/grass/trees, which will screw up your final image.
  6. Watch out for other moving objects as motion is difficult to fix in the software processing.
  7. Shoot frames quickly in bursts, especially if you have clouds in the frame.


Shutter release cable is necessary for this feature to work properly. Please connect the shutter release cable to trigger your camera shutter.

Please visit our FAQ for shutter cable - camera compatibility.

How to start?

How to start

  1. Camera mode: Manual. Parameters Adjustment (ISO, Exposure, White Balance, etc)

  2. Shooting mode: HDR

  3. Set the shooting Options

  4. After all is set, press “Start” to start shooting

Note: When triggering Live View will be turned off automatically.



  • Property: You can choose the Exposure time, F number and ISO
  • Initial Value: This will determine the initial value of the first shot.


  • EV step increment: This will determine the increment in the EV for the next shots. It is up to ± 3EV.
  • No. of shots: choose number of shots, normal HDR shots usually need 3 images to shoots.

HDR features on cameras

HDR is also available in DSLR camera settings: Camera settings


  • Easy and efficient access to HDR effect photos


  • Transition range of EV value is large, therefore it is not accurate.
  • The default setting for number of shooting is 3 photos then combine into 1 HDR image. You cannot increase or decrease the number of shots.
  • The default variable is only the shutter speed. Other parameters such as ISO or Exposure value cannot be changed.
  • The default effect of gray scale is too large, it is not the ideal effect.

Why should I use CamBuddy Pro instead of HDR from camera?

Advantages of CamBuddy Pro - Joopic HDR in compare with HDR feature from your camera are:

  1. More accurate changes in the parameters, you can set one of the variables: shutter/aperture/ISO.
  2. More professional in setting the changing in EV value, step value can be as accurate as EV 1/3.
  3. More option settings for number of shots, in the later stage it can be processed to achieve a better HDR image.


Without HDR

Without HDR

Canon 6D, enable HDR from Camera settings

Without HDR

Joopic App HDR mode

Without HDR

Variable Properties:

  • Shutter Initial Value: 1/250
  • EV: 1/3
  • Number of Shots: 13
Tip: This is a group of normal sections (grid).

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