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What is "Cloud Mode"?

"Cloud Mode" enables you to upload the photo taken by your DLSR camera directly to the cloud space and synchronize to your cloud album provided by Joopic App (including the desktop editions for mac OS and Windows).

It also enables you to immediately update your photos to the shared cloud album. Your family and friends may instantly see the photos uploaded in real-time from miles away.

Joopic Cloud

What is The Important of Cloud Storage?

In today’s digital era, it is so simple to copy and transfer your photos onto your desktop computer or mobile devices. But have you ever wonder if your computer crashes or mobile devices get stolen? If you have not backed up your photos in another place they will be gone forever.

Most forms of digital storage are unreliable in the long term. Hard drives and flash disk tends to crash easily, CDs or DVDs get scratched up and become corrupted.

If you want to reserve your digital photographs, it is important to develop a plan to back them up. Many people have started looking to the cloud as a place to store their photos.

The benefits of cloud storage are it is cost-effective, safe, efficient, and globally accessible.

Cloud Mode Tutorial

The "cloud mode" provides a convenient and quick service that allows you to automatically upload and store your images to the cloud and automatically sync it to your phone or computer. You only need a few simple steps to set it up, let's take a closer look:

How to start?

  1. Please make sure that the CamBuddy Pro battery is full.
  2. Connect your CamBuddy Pro to your camera and open Joopic App.
  3. Update your Joopic App to v2.2.4
  4. Download the newest firmware
  5. Upgrade your firmware and MCU. (MCU: depends on availability)

STEP 1: Confirm latest firmware has been downloaded


  1. Go to Joopic App Main Interface and go to “Me” Section
  2. Tap “Settings” and go to the “Settings” interface
  3. Ensure that the new firmware has been downloaded.

STEP 2: Upgrade Firmware & MCU


  1. Connect the CamBuddy Pro and enter into the Standalone mode. Tap “Settings” on the upper right corner on the main interface.
  2. At settings interface, please upgrade the firmware and MCU.

Note:You do not need to upgrade your MCU If on the “Settings” interface no upgrade MCU available.

STEP 3: Pairing Guide and Change the Work Mode

Pairing is only done once, if have paired your device you do not need to re-pair the device. Go to our “Trips and Tricks” section -> “Change working mode” later in the article to see on how to change the work mode.

If you have not paired your device please see our instructions below:

  1. Please pair your device: See our Pairing Guide for more details.

  2. After pairing is done, you can change the work mode on the “Pairing successful” interface by tapping the “Modify work mode” button as shown in the picture below.


STEP 4: Work Mode Configuration

  1. Choose “Cloud Mode” to enter into the cloud mode.
  2. Tap “Next” on the upper left corner
  3. Work Mode Config interface will appear, you can change the work mode settings here such as Upload Raw File, auto delete, etc.



  • Upload RAW File: Switch this on and you will automatically upload your RAW files to the cloud space.
  • Auto Delete: switch this on and every one photo uploaded the same photos on the camera SD card will be automatically be deleted.
  • Use radio receiver: choose this feature to use handheld radio transmitter to control your camera. Photos taken will be uploaded automatically to the cloud space.
  • Use radio transmitter: choose this feature to make sure that after the camera take a shot, radio signals will be sent to other CamBuddy Pro (need to set to the same radio signal to use) and also control your camera to take a shot.

STEP 5: Wifi Hotspot Set up


  1. Set a WiFi hotspot that can access the internet (you can also choose your own 4G personal hotspot network on your phone or a more stable WiFi hotspot)
  2. After you have done all the settings, tap “Start to use” to enter into the Cloud mode interface.

Note: Connect to your own phone’s 4G settings:

  • Android phone can set and choose your own 4G hotspot (tethering)
  • Apple phone, first use other phone to connect to its personal hotspot to activate the 4G status, then refresh the Wi-Fi list and connect to your own 4G personal hotspot.

STEP 6: “Cloud Mode” interface


“Cloud Mode” main interface will look like the image on the left. The cloud space storage will be shown in real time. You can also see the photos uploaded status and CamBuddy WiFi connection status, etc.

  1. Press back (<) at the upper left corner to enter into the Joopic main interface
  2. Go to “Album” section to see your Cloud album.
  3. Tap the “Cloud” album to enter and see the photos you have uploaded to the cloud space.

STEP 7: Set a “Default Shared Album”


  1. Enter into the Joopic App “Shared” section,
  2. Tap “+” to create a shared album. You can create an album depending on photo category.
  3. Long tap (around 3 seconds) the shared album cover and the “default shared album” will pop up. Tap “OK” to confirm.
  4. After entering into the album settings you can add friends to access the album instantly in real time.

DONE! Now, use your CamBuddy Pro “Cloud Mode” to take a shot from your camera and all of your photos will be automatically uploaded to your “Cloud” album and “default shared album”!

Tips & Tricks Section

Change work mode

“Standalone” to “Cloud” mode.


  1. Enter to “standalone mode” control interface or main interface. Tap the settings button on the upper left corner.
  2. Scroll down and tap the green button “Switch work mode” and enter into the work mode interface.

“Cloud” to “Standalone” Mode


  1. Enter into the Cloud mode interface, press “Exit Cloud Mode” button.
  2. A confirmation message will pop-up, tap “Confirm” to continue.
  3. Change the Wi-Fi hotspot to the CamBuddy Pro Wi-Fi (CBPro….), then change the working mode to “Standalone” Mode.

Activate 2G Free Cloud Space

Get the CamBuddy Pro 2 GB free Cloud Space!


  1. Go to Joopic App “Me” Section.
  2. Tap “My cloud storage” to enter into the cloud storage interface.
  3. Tap the “Activate Free Space” button and get your free 2GB cloud space.

Note: CamBuddy Pro front indicator’s color status (Work Mode)


Frequently Ask Questions

Which type DSLR camera does the CamBuddy Pro cloud mode support?

  • In theory, the cloud mode can support almost all DSLR cameras. At present, all of the mainstream models for Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, including the latest Canon 5D Mark IV and Nikon D810 are supported. Please check our list of compatibility cameras in our website here: We believed that this lists will continue to expand over time.

Does the cloud mode support mirrorless cameras?

  • Technically, the CamBuddy Pro cloud mode is able to support the high-end mirrorless camera, particularly Sony camera. Our R&D team will expand the cloud mode camera compatibility list through continuous software updates.

What are the similarities and differences between the CamBuddy Pro cloud mode and other programs offering similar services?

  • At present, there are several start-up teams in the industry offering similar cloud services. Some provide similar hardware accompanied by a special App to upload photos to the cloud space. But it is essentially designed for enterprise users, the products have not been widely tested and verified, resulting in the poor user experience.

  • The cloud mode offered by Joopic CamBuddy Pro is able to meet various cloud requirements from customer to business users. Joopic CamBuddy Pro has been verified widely by our customers. These include a stable product performance results and highly software development (compatible with iOS and Android, desktop, MacOS, etc.) by a professional team with a superior user experience.

How big is the cloud storage space in the cloud model?

  • There are 2 GB free cloud space in our Cloud Mode. If you feel that the storage is not enough, don’t worry, we will provide an extra cloud storage soon (this feature need to be purchased separately). Theoretically, you can expand your own cloud space at any time and any place. This is far more convenient than using a hard disk to back up your photos.

Is it save to use the Joopic cloud storage?

  • Nowadays, there are a lot of users who uses cloud space to stored their own documents, data or pictures. The cloud space can automatically backup the data, and also provides cloud service center that has the ability to deal with faults and disasters. So the cloud storage security is actually safer than your hard disk. However, there is no such things as absolute security, if a big disasters happened for example: earthquake, tsunamis and other large-scale natural disasters, it may still impact the data stored on the cloud space.

  • In order to enhance data security, we plan to provide offsite backup services for users in need (subject to an extra charges).

Is it possible to save my phone’s photos to Joopic's cloud storage?

  • Sure. You can save photos from your phone system album to cloud storage via our Joopic App.

If I don't have a CamBuddy Pro, can I use Joopic's cloud storage?

  • Yes. You can download Joopic App and sign up as a new user to get free 1GB cloud storage space.

I don't want to save my photos in Joopic's cloud storage. Is there any other way?

  • If you do not want to save your photos in the Joopic cloud store, you may upload your photos to the specified FTP server using the Joopic CamBuddy Pro networking mode (cloud mode does not provide this functionality). Also, when you do not use the Cloud Mode, you cannot automatically add the uploaded photos to the specified share album.

How fast can the photos be uploaded using the cloud mode?

  • The upload speed of the picture mostly depends on the uplink bandwidth used. If you access the Wi-Fi hotspot using the ADSL broadband to upload photos is because the ADSL uplink bandwidth is about 512Kbps and the photo upload speed is approximately 50kbps. If you use the 4G mobile phone personal hotspot, the uplink bandwidth is up to 50Mbps and the photo upload speeds of up to 4mbps. When using the 4G connectivity with your personal hotspot, the measured upload speed can be stabilized to over 1 mbps. Therefore, if the camera photo size is 5MB, then basically it can be uploaded in around 5 seconds. You can see the picture on your mobile phone and desktop instantly using our Joopic App.

  • When your wired broadband (ADSL or broadband) uplink speed is generally low, we recommend you to use your 4G personal hotspot on your mobile phone or third party reliable portable WiFi, this will help you better experience the rapid and real-time sharing of photos using our CamBuddy Pro and Joopic App.

Note: the upload speed is differed and depends on the internet speed used by each user.

Will the cloud mode work when staying outdoor?

  • During outdoor shooting we often confront instable 4G connection, especially in remote areas or in the wild. In this case, CamBuddy Pro will suspend all upload activities, but will still save the photos you have taken. Once the network is smooth, the upload activities will restart automatically.

  • In addition, when the CamBuddy Pro network is not smooth, for a short period of time it will automatically switch to Bluetooth to communicate (around 2 mins, front indicator: blinking yellow). During this time, you can connect via Bluetooth to the CamBuddy Pro to set to another Wi-Fi hotspot.

The photos will be uploaded and synced to different devices, do I need to spend double data traffic?

  • In order to minimalize the data consumption, when uploading the photos to the cloud the photos are automatically compressed to an average size of 400kb. This will happen if you synchronized it on your phone or desktop. You may control it if you want to download the original size.

Can the CamBuddy Pro automatically upload my photos available on the SD card?

  • Not at the moment, in the cloud mode, the CamBuddy Pro will only upload new photos. Even in the absence of the network, we recommend you to maintain the CamBuddy Pro power and connection to the Camera through the USB line. In this way, the CamBuddy Pro will keep track of your new photos, and once the network is smooth enough these new photos will automatically be uploaded to the cloud space.

  • In the future, we will provide new feature that enable you to upload available photos in your SD card. This feature will be added through our software update (Joopic Apps and firmware).

When using the cloud mode, Can I use multiple network shooting?

  • Sure. In cloud mode, we can still use Joopic handheld radio transmitter to achieve simultaneous shooting for multiple cameras.

  • For example, you have a handheld DSLR, plus two fixed DSLR on tripod. You can set the CamBuddy Pro that paired with the handheld DSLR camera automatically trigger the radio signal after shooting. While the other two DSLR receives its radio signals. So, when you take a shot from the handheld DSLR, the other two cameras on the tripod can automatically take pictures, and all three photos taken can be automatically uploaded to the cloud. You can also use Joopic handheld radio transmitter to remotely control multiple cameras for simultaneous shooting.

Tip: This is a group of normal sections (grid).

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